Which motor drivers do you recommend?

Being a bit of a newbie at all of this, I’m seeking some advice. I’ve done enough research to know what motors I’m using, have programmed all of the I/O and display for my project, but am now trying to figure out the best path to take for motor control.

Essentially, my project is this:

A truck/pan/tilt bot for time-lapse photography, meaning it’s going to be running very slow for a very long time (I’ve got all the gearing, design, etc. laid out for the motors). Three motors initially, and after that works a 4th (a second pan motor for the truck mechanism, giving the following movements: pan, tilt, truck X, pan/truck Y). The motors I’m working with are the:

Hitec HS-645MG (6V @ 450mA - I’m highly doubting this amp load, but all I can find is amp rating @ no load)
Hitec HS-5955TG (6V @ 4.2A)

DC Geared Motor: (truck motion)
14 RPM @ 12V/45mA (again the mA is @ no load, I expect this to be much higher pushing a load of around 10Lbs)

I was originally considering using the L298 motor driver from solarbotics (http://www.solarbotics.com/assets/documentation/kcmd-l298_compact_motor_driver.pdf) as it controls two motors for < $20 and gives me a regulated 5V for the arduino, but it lists a maximum peak amperage of 3.0A, so the second servo pretty much puts this driver out of the equation.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a motor driver that can handle the 4.2A load?

Thanks in advance!

You don't need a motor driver for most things that are called "servos". They come with a built in motor driver. All you need to do is hook their power wire up to a power source that can supply the correct voltage and enough current. Then you use the the Arduino to run the signal wire of the servo with pulse width modulation. There are tons of descriptions of this on this website. Here's a description of servos that I wrote. http://www.glacialwanderer.com/hobbyrobotics/?p=7

Ahh, well, that makes sense - I guess sometimes you go to solving one problem (DC motor direction and speed), and end up applying that solution to irrelevant problems. So, do you recommend the L298 for the DC geared motors, or is there a better/cheaper one that you’d recommend (if you know of any)?

Thanks again!

for small motors, under 1A, you can use L293 http://www.toddholoubek.com/classes/pcomp/hbridge/Hbridgel293.html

For the 4.2A servo you don't need a bridge.