Which Motor I need?

Hi All,
I have a simple question; I need to find two motors:
The firs one is for catch the blow energy, like a small anemometer, when somebody blows inside a tube it gives the values to arduino. The second motor is a wind producer, a fan, and i don’t know which is the best option. I don’t need something big maybe a pc fan could work or a servo motor.
What do you recommend me to use in both motors?
Thanks a lot for the help

Anemometers don't usually use motor/generators, they have some form of tacho.

For a blower, well, it depends on how much are you need to move and how fast. Fans usually have their rating specified in litres per minute or cfm (cubic feet per minute). A servo wouldn't be normal for this application.

Here is an example someone recently posted using fans.