Which multimeter are you using?

Which multimeter are you using?

I have to buy a multimeter for my personal projects. Mine is of poor quality and is starting to fail. The goal is to break out a trend and help me make a choice.

I begin :
Brand: Mastercraft
Model: 052-0060-2

Fluke 87 of course.

This style:

They were going for around $3 USD back when I bought them. For my low voltage electronics applications, it does everything I need of it. Rather than spending a lot for some name brand, I was able to buy a couple DMMs and still have money left over to buy other needed tools.

I liked this Big Clive video about them:


That's the same meter I use. I just soldered a set of alligator clips to a spare set of leads.
How do you think it would compare to a homemade Arduino-based meter?

+1 for Fluke. I used Fluke DMMs professionally for 30 years. Had to get them calibrated every 6 months. Never had one fail in calibration or in the field.

I too have a fluke , now around 20yrs old. About 4 yrs ago I had the chance to check it against a calibrator - it was still in spec .
It’s worth buying something decent

I have a Fluke 8021B (they date from about 1980/1). Was given to me about 25 odd years ago and is still working great. I have no idea about accuracy but it gives readings that seem to be in the right ballpark.


I use an old Radio Shack cheap auto-ranging meter, and it does just fine. I think you can get meters that work very well these days for under $20. Well under, probably. And more useful than having one high-end meter is having multiple meters so you can measure voltage here while you're measuring current over there, or whatever.

I've use Fluke all my life. IMHO they are the standard for precision and reliability. They are however pricey.

If I didn't want to spring for a Fluke, I would look into Klein meters. I've not had to use one but the Klein brand has an excellent reputation for reliability for use by an electrician (usually a rough environment).

I have a Uni-T meter which has served me well for 20 years since I purchased it from Maplin, can't remember which branch. It may have been the Deansgate, Manchester branch. I suspect I am close to the limit now, it is definitely starting to show it's age. Probably won't make it to 25 years. I have absolutely no cause for complaint!

Which is I gather, basically the same as the DT-830 in #3.

Could be. It doesn't look exactly like that, but, under the skin...

Fluke 77 bought new probably around 1984/1985, a bit over $100 at the time. I've had to replace the test leads a couple of times over the years, but otherwise works great.

Simpson 260
And a few low-cost DVMs. The one I use the most is a Mastach MS8229 autoranging meter from AliExpress.

Did you buy the 260 new ?


You don’t look that old.

Wow, they still make the 260:


Yes. Well, my employer bought it for me. When I left the company they told me to just keep the tools in my possession. (Darn- I should have taken the oscilloscope when it was offered).


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Aneng AN113C
Reasonable price, small, with large display, light, manual ranges. Got it only recently but so far I like it.
(Also it measures current and voltage in the same probe position - unlike most people I like that feature, I am used to it and always forget to move the probe.)

If you decide for the DT-830 series make sure you get one with continuity buzzer! There are variants without it.

Brymen 789 with silicone leads and IC-test hooks. Great features and high accuracy.