Which one to stop first?

I have a stepper controlled with Arduino mega and BED. When i want to turn off the system is there a specific sequence to do it? Can i turn off power to the Arduino, BED, and stepper at the same time, or Arduino, Bed, Stepper in sequence? Or does it matter? Thanks.

BED? What is that?

Big Easy Driver from Sparkfun

Turn off the BED power first.


and FYI, if you disconnect a motor with power on, (intentionally or otherwise) you could blow the driver.

hmmm. I think if you put protection diodes on your motor it shouldn't matter. But... I can imagine if you don't have them... you could damage your driver either way.

I have Pololu A4988 drivers (similar to BED) and I'm trying to remember how I have used them. I don't think it matters whether the Arduino or the A4988 is powered down (or up) first.

I have had a quick scan of the Allegro A4988 datasheet and I saw nothing about the order of switching on/off power and logic.

The critical thing is not to disconnect a motor while the driver has motor power connected to it.


Yes you Should turn off the BED power first then should go for Arduino mega

Thanks, as someone new to this it took me too long to make a mistake and burn it. :blush: