Which packets I need to control digimesh


I am creating some functions to create packets for digimesh mode (xbee series 1) because xbee library doesn't support this mode.

I have some doubts about wich packets I should control. I want some nodes to send data to one central coordinator. I created (not complete yet) transmit request packet and receive packet.

Transmit request I think is the packet sended by a node with data (sensor...). And receive packet is a packet created by central node saying: I received this data!

But if you have a look to the digimesh datasheet, many other packets appear: "modem status" "transmit status" " explicit Rx indicator" "data sample rx indicator"... "node identificator indicator"... and so on.

I want to configure a sleeping network. I have all parameters I have to set in xbee configuration but I don't know if I have to send also any packet to configure any other parameters in network or something like that... Do I have to send this kind of packets or they are automatic?

I want to know if I have to create more packets that 2 I already have.

Here you can find digimesh datasheet: http://www.digi.com/support/productdetail?pid=3524&type=documentation

Edit: I am thinking in how arduino could know transmitter address to make the ACK packet. I think I should add tx address to the packet before sending it, in that way I can read the tx address from the packet too. What do you think about it?