which paramaters should taking on consederation to drive my stepper motors

I am a newbie on Arduino. I have Arduino Mega 2560 and want to drive 12 bipolair stepper motors ( L298 as driver). My questions are:

  • Can I use directly the arduino pins 2 to 49 to drive the L298 or it should better to use the 74HC595?
  • how can I calculate the total limit courant and which paramaters must taking to drive my stepper motors?.

please I am harry to start my project. please help me as soon as possible.

What stepper motors are you using? Post a data sheet.

Using better drivers, you could cut the number of pins required in half. The L298 is not a good stepper driver. It very is inefficient.

Use a stepper motor driver, one that's appropriate for the stepper you're working with (based on supply voltage and the stepper's required current).

The L298 is a really poor choice. A 74HC595 by itself is utterly unsuitable for this job.


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