Which pins suitable for Digispark One-Wire Communication? (DS18B20)

I have experience with picaxe, basic stamp, and C/C++ with raspberry pi but am brand new to Arduino IDE/Language and the Digispark. I only briefly got to play with the Digispark and the temp sensor yesterday, and was trying to light the LED when temp above a certain temp - initial testing did not seem successful (and temp definitely should have swung through the defined switch temp). No workie. I'd like to know which pins are suitable so I can spend my time troubleshooting code and not wondering if the hardware is even correct.


Thanks...although I didn't think the digispark has use of a serial monitor? So far I'm attempting to blink an led x many times per degree. I invariably get 32 degrees worth of blinks, so either the sketch is goofy or...I dunno, bad sensor? I don't think I miswired it - I've checked a dozen times and I have no problem reading these with a raspberry.

OK - On pin 4 I can get it to work - but will not program successfully if the data pin is connected - I have to program, then plug in the sensor data pin then we're good. Doesn't seem to work on pin 5 at all. Although the number of blinks doesn't seem to correlate correctly to the temperature, it does go up and down a bit as I cover/uncover the sensor with my hand. Minor details now...although scratching my head a bit why it would be reading 30 degrees low. Once I get that hammered out I can use it to pwm control fan speed for my robots two raspberry pi computers.

Works better on pin 2 - programs with complete circuit. Learning little nuances of digispark. Accuracy problem was a mistake because I forgot to add a delay between blink messages.