Which pins to use - Arduino Uno R3 with Ethernet2

Which pins to use - Arduino Uno R3 with Ethernet2

I need 8 output pins and 4 input pins.

Please advise which ones I might use. Thanks.

do you have something like the Sparkfun's one?

For ethernet it interfaces with the Arduino Board using the SPI hardware interface, so on a UNO that would be MOSI pin 11, MISO pin 12, SCK pin 13 and SS pin 10

The onboard micro-SD card slot uses the chip select on pin 4

The other pins should be available.

The Ethernet shield is an SPI device, so it uses pins 10 to 13. If you are using the SD card too, that uses pin 4 as the chip select pin.

The hardware serial pins are 0 and 1.

That leaves pins 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9.

The 6 analog pins can be used as digital pins, too, giving you 13 usable pins.

Good point as well on Hardware Serial - seemed obvious but worth mentioning indeed!

Thanks, all of you. All set now.