Which platform? Java? Flash? REALbasic?

Hey guys, I need to put together a pretty straightforward "editor" for my Arduino project. I've got an Arduino based button box that spits out MIDI messages for press and release of each of 7 buttons, and I want an easy way for the end user to reprogram it. I think the simplest way is to create a GUI editor where they can edit the strings, and then send them to the device via USB, where the Arduino stores it to EEPROM, and then reads the strings back in from EEPROM as part of setup.

I'm just trying to figure out the best platform to do this. I want the user to be able to select the type of MIDI message for each button/state, input values as appropriate, and input the full string if it's a SysEx message. When done, they'd connect the Arduino via USB, hit a button in the GUI, and it'd send the data over to the Arduino, I guess as a string of start/ID, message, stop byte, next_start/ID, etc

Whichever platform I use to develop this, I'm starting from scratch, so I'm looking for pointers on the most efficient/easiest.

I used to do a little bit of Flash programming (y'know, the typical late '90s "all Flash, all the time!" website), but it's been almost a decade, and I dabbled with Visual Basic back in jr high, but again that's been 15+ years. So I'm basically starting from scratch, with only my relatively new knowlege of programming for the Arduino to build on.

Ideally I'd like it to be cross-platform, since I'm a Mac user, and the end users are a mix of Mac and Windows. I'm not overly concerned with Linux.

TIA, Andy

Hi, if want to go cross-platform Java would be the choice for me. You know it works since the Arduino-IDE does the same thing (do some editing and send it over to the arduino) and is written in Java :)

Another option would be to use Processing I think http://processing.org I really don't know much about it, but lots of people here use it...


Any recommendations for crash courses in getting up to speed in java enough to do that sort of thing, LOL?

Hi, I recently bought a book abpout PHP from the O'reilly oreilly.com "Head First Series" and I was very pleased about the fast progress I made learning the basics. The way they teach in this series seems to be a very good concept. Well worth the money. I guess thats also true for the java-edition http://oreilly.com/catalog/9780596009205/