Which programmer for the Arduino 2560

As many others I have a cheap USBasp programmer bought coming from CN. It's a Fischl clone. But when programming I get the error cannot set sck period. check for usbasp update

I'm using a 2560, means 256Kb flash memory Programms like IDE and Atmel studio are using the programm AVRdude. As mentioned in the documetation of AVRdude. There is an extra note on the 2560. That there is a limited flash programm size of 128Kb. Thus the USBasp programmer won't work with the 2560. Right?

Now my questions:

1) Am i right my USBasp programmer is not for programming the 2560? 2) Who has a USBasp programmer working to programming a 2560? 3) What programmer I need to programming a 2560?

Try this for loading the bootloader, then normal serial loading of sketches. http://www.gammon.com.au/forum/?id=11635

Actually you are saying, Programming the A2560 as ICSP programmer to re-programm the Atmel 8 on the USBasp board with a bootloader? But I want to re-programm it with the Fischl software. Then I need another trick. Copy the usbasp.atmega8.hex into the bootloader_atmega8.h file.

Better is, I'm looking for a sketch I can load into a 2560. And with this sketch I can re-programm a Atmel 8 with the FIschl software via the ICSP.

I saw this software for the UNO, but not for the 2560.

I want to keep using ICSP via an USB port instead via a virtual com-port. This is due I'm using a 4232 from FTDI. But think more AVRdude is the problem with ICSP. JTAG should work ok to programm.

I'm using this one for programming


Tested with the 8U2 and 16U2, and there is no problem with the USBasp programmer. Seems only the 2560 having problems.

Meanwhile I found another topic discussing the problem: