Which programmer option to choose?

I've atmega328p and bootloaded with arduino Uno and i'm using a breadboard not an arduino board. am using the max232 to program the atmega which programmer option in the IDE should i choose to program the atmega beacuse it always give me that error "avrdude: stk500_getsync() attempt 10 of 10: not in sync: resp=0xff"

Thanks in advance, mismail

Why are you using a Max232 and what are you connecting it to (other than the 328p)?

mismail: I have an ATmega328p and with the Arduino UNO bootloader. I'm using it on a breadboard, not in an Arduino UNO board. I am trying to use a Max232chip to upload the ATmega through my PC serial port. Which programmer option in the IDE should I choose?

If you are doing an upload through the bootloader you don't need any Programmer set. Do you have the 16 MHz crystal in your breadboard Arduino? It won't run without it. I'm guessing you don't have the DTR signal going through a 100 nF capacitor to the Reset pin. You will have to hold down the Reset button until you see the "Global variables use..." message. Tools->Board->Arduino UNO Tools->Port->(the serial port for your Arduino) Hold down Reset. File->Upload When you see "Global variable use", release Reset If that doesn't work, check your wiring. The TX from the PC goes to the RX pin of the ATmega (pin 2) The RX from the PC goes to the TX pin of the ATmega (pin 3). Ground connects to Ground.

What on earth are you using a MAX232 for?! All that chip does is generate the +/-10v for RS232 comms, and does level shifting for TX and RX. I'm not sure how it would be useful for programming an Arduino unless you have a bunch of unusual stuff you're not telling us about.

The MAX232 has very little relevance to Arduino. I don't think I've ever seen it used for it's intended purpose, since nobody uses the full RS232 voltage levels anymore (the popular HCSR-04 uses it just for the voltage multiplier to get a high enough voltage to feed the ultrasonic transducers).

Did you mean a different part?