Which relays for 110v

I need some 12v relays that will handle an american homes 110v power. I also need them to be fairly easy to connect to standard home wiring. The 12v relay I have has tiny terminals that would be difficult to connect to home wiring.

You mean something like this:



It'll be cheaper if you'll just use Automotive 12v relays. They'll have blade connectors and you can get them at about $2.00 each from mcmelectronics... They also have quick connector, and are rated up to 30 or 40 AMp.....

From what I understand, you want to switch 110 volt ac mains with an arduino? Please elaborate on your application.

@Richard: It's from sparkfun(If I know the right one.)... I don't know the name though...

And you forgot to mention burns and holes in the hands... I've been on the wrong end of the mains WAAAY too many times! Never had the holes, and only some minor burns...

You have to be SUPER careful when messing with the mains...

@Richard: Is THIS your card?


I've seen this OAC 5


I plan to use a vari-ac with a breaker before tapping into mains. If something begins humming at lower voltage 10-20, something is wrong. Wear safety goggles, in the event something pops. Always have an extinguisher nearby, and ideally another person if there's a chance of electrocution. I've had a few jolts & pops dealing with 110v myself, but I'm told 30v is enough to kill.

I've heard of a "no tinkering after midnight or beer" rule. Seems wise

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What's wrong with using this http://www.arduino.cc/playground/uploads/Learning/relays.pdf

Connecting the hot from the light in the attic to the relay?

I've heard of a "no tinkering after midnight or beer" rule. Seems wise

Oh no! cr0sh can never tinker! JK JK LOL