Which s/w is suitable for video mixing?


I want to make a video blending project now. What i want to do is:

Theare are 3 distance measuring sensors

and in the idle mode, there is the first avi video playing in backgroud,

if those sensors detect anyone, the second avi video is paying above background video,

and if anyone approach more closed to sensors, the third avi video is playing above the other 2 videos.

the second, third video have alpha blended background, so, those 3 videos will be look like one video playing.

First time, i had a plan to use VVVV for this project. but now i'm not sure about that VVVV can handle multi video blending in good performance.

Instead of VVVV, Processing s/w can handle those work well?

Would you recommend a right s/w and the way that how can i make it out.

Hi elocin,

vvvv should handle 3 overlaying videos pretty flawless on some decent hardware where you can use an OpenGL Renderer.