Which SD card's have a SPI interface?

Hi Everyone, I'm trying to get the nuelectronics IO Module working with a SD Card. Unfortantly i can't get into the sd card. I've tried 2 old ones and both come back with can't mount SD card/SPI bus error's. So before i start blaming the board, i was wondering does anyone know for sure what SD Cards defintly have a SPI interfaces? I think new Sandisk SD Cards have it but can anyone confirm this?



All have it, from their infancy as MM cards on...

Seedstudio is selling a SD card which is guaranteed to work with SPI so you may want to try one of those (2GB SanDisk micro SD).


Hi Guys,
I;ve made it work!!! Sort of!
I’m using the sdfat library and its working 95% of the time, some times it just doesn’t do anything!

The reason why it wasn’t working was because i was using a SD card on the SPI bus with the Offical Ethernet board on top.
The playground post
says that there is a problem with the Wiznet chip and it keeps the SPI interface always open. So anything else can’t use it.
As soon as i pulled the ethernet shield off the routines burst into life!
I just have to try moding the board now and see how it works!