Which sensor should i try to detect a tiny object

Morning everyone (it’s 5am in taiwan now ^^):
If i want to try to detect a tiny object that means maybe width is less them 1mm.
like a needle.
Which sensor should i try to use?
My need is try to detect a needle drop down and counting.
I have tried vl53l0x and other ultrasonic sensor like hc-sr04 before...
But not best result for me.
Please give me some idea or hint.

And simple introduce myself:
I’m a software programmer in taiwan, but i very interesting in play arduino now.
It’s so fun just like a toy for me^^,
And i just join to play arduino only about 2 weeks.
Anyway thanks for your help at first.

My senerio is detect a needle drop down and counting.

More detail and better explanation needed.

Draw a sketch of your scenario, photograph it, and attach it as explained here.

And then make another attempt at writing an explanation of your scenario.

I did a project where I needed to count objects being thrown into a box. I ended up using a piezo disk mounted to a sheet metal plate that was mounted at an angle inside the opening of the box. The objects would strike the plate, then fall to the bottom of the box. I was able to reliably detect the vibration created by the strikes with the piezo. These were 20 ft rolls of twine so larger and heavier than your needle but also softer so the needle strike might still generate enough of a signal to be distinguished from the ambient readings. You would have to test to see but the piezo disks are very cheap and kind of fun to have in your parts anyway.

Does it have to be contactless?

If it's iron or other magnetisable material a magnetic sensor may work.

Can the falling needle be constrained in a tube or slot or other structure? Is it metallic?