Which sensor to use for automating chimney over a cooktop.

Hi Friends,

I want to automate my kitchen chimney. Just wondering which sensors can be used to detect smoke and water vapours so that Arduino can activate a relay to turn on/off chimney. Chimney is 1 Meter above the cooktop.
I tried with MQ2 sensor but it's sensitivity is very low (it does not detect all kind of smoke or vapours).

Tough one temperature rises every time u turn that on and if gas is used is more as the lost heat is bigger... But make a difference if ur cooking a steak or boiling water is tough isn't? If theres a sensor directly or close to the cooktop dont count on me helping u clean it!!!

The BME280 comes to mind. Doesn’t do smoke but it does to moisture (boiling water - increase of humidity) and temperature (general cooking). You’ll need a second moisture sensor elsewhere to give you a baseline, as atmospheric moisture can change quite drastically - in my locality from <10% to a solid 100%. But when you run the fan, moisture/temperature levels will drop to (near) normal again, so you need something else to determine when to stop.

Another option is an IR sensor detecting the heat of the flames/cooking pots as you’re cooking.