Which Shield is Better to use Keyboard as an Input For Arudino

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Sorry about the "Keyboard" In my title it was supposed to be "Keyboard as an Input For Arudino"
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I am in the process of making a computer controlled Rc Car.
My RC Car is: 1/10 Circuit 2WD Stadium Truck RTR, Blue/Silver by ECX (ECX03000)
Anyway I got the servo hooked up to the Arduino and is working great with the "Sweep" Servo Example.
I have to get a new battery for my RC Car, but once I get one I can hook up the heat sink and the motor to the Arduino and try to find out how to use the keyboard to control the Arduino. So my main question is what shield should I use to control the Arduino Controlling the Rc Car Wirelessly?
My other Question is what is the command to use my computer keyboard to give directions to my Arduino?

Well, maybe it could be a little clearer even, I gave it a shot.

For RF control, you can look into simple 433 MHz Tx & Rx units.
On the PC side, you'd probably want something that translates mouse/joystick into left/right & forward/backward, and maybe fast/slow commands to send to a connected arduino which would then send via RF to the truck mounted arduino with RF RX unit.

Sorry If it was not clear but I just wanted to know the best way to give commands (like WASD) from a computer keyboard to a arduino. And the command for it.

For wireless remote control up to 5…10 meters you could just use a pair of Bluetooth transceivers to provide a wireless serial connection. On the PC side you would need an application to send keyboard input to the serial port. The Arduino serial monitor isn’t quite suitable because it does line buffering, but there are plenty of terminal emulators such as Realterm that would do the job. On the Arduyino, the code would be just as same as if you were sending commands over the USB serial connection - and in fact you could do the initial development using the USB serial connection and switch seamlessly to Bluetooth once you get the extra hardware for that.

Thanks For all the Help But I wanted to Know What I should Buy. And I have a Blutooth Enabled Laptop

In that case you might not need the Bluetooth transceiver for the PC side - just the Arduino, and a Bluetooth transceiver for it. You could get an official Arduino Bluetooth (which has the BT transceiver integral with the Arduino board) and there are clones which have integral BT too, or you could get a non-BT Arduino and a separate BT transceiver - you will find lots listed at Sparkfun or your favorite Arduino hardware supplier.

I have a Arduino UNO R3 From the official Arduino Starter Kit

So in the End I can use my computer keyboard as an input to the arduino via Bluetooth to send commands. (Like Move the Rc Car Left and Right and Forward and Backward)

Hi, Everyone
I wanted to make a Arduino UNO powered RC Car. I wanted to know If I was using the Keys (WASD) As: W=Forward, A=Back, S= Left, and D= Right. What command should I use to do this, and If you have time can you please make the code?

Will the Arduino be connected to the computer when you're using the car? If not, need more information.

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These modules are easy to use and setup, the default baud rate is 9600, but you can use AT commands to change that later.
I have four of these and they are quite good. JY-MCU Bluetooth Module

They can be used to communicate to a PC and most Android devices but are not supported with 99% of iOS device(depends on the app used. The only one that kinda worked was TouchOSC )

The Arduino Will Be on Board The Car Receiving Instructions From My Computer. Just Wanted to Know the Command or what I should do to make the Computer give instructions to the Arduino like (WASD) Keys to go forward, back, left and right. Wirelessly

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what I should do to make the Computer give instructions to the Arduino like (WASD) Keys to go forward, back, left and right.

Yes, unless you have a joystick or gamepad that can send the commands instead.

From your computer, you can send WASD with a terminal program like puTTY and the arduino will need to receive that key( char pressed) and do the function assigned to it. You can use IF/ELSE statements or CASE statements.

Do you plan on sending multiple keys like "WA" to go forward and to the left?