Which shield to use for GPRS?


I’m planning to build a device that would read some sensor data and send it via GPRS, eg. once per day. (Not that original, yeah.) But my problem is choosing a GSM/GPRS shield.

The official shield has a nice interface for doing an HTTP POST/GET. OTOH, the shield seems to be sold out (and would be quite expensive anyway).

There seem to be other shields available, but their code examples tend to look quite hacky: the device waits for an arbitrary moment and then hopes that the server is done. That’s IMO both inefficient or unreliable.

My question: which GSM/GPRS shield would you recommend, with these features:

  • a sane library w/ examples, such as the official one
  • an external antenna
  • bonus: a competitive price
  • another bonus: hopefully a “real” shield, so no soldering required and a few pins still easily usable for the sensors.