Which smd audio transducer?


I'm building a custom PCB with audio feature. In the first revision, I had a smd magnetic speaker (this one) powered with a LM386 M-1 amp. The speaker is fried up now after just a few usage... I was looking for a replacement part for my next PCB, and I found out that there isn't a lot of magnetical speaker that are small and SMD on digikey.com or mouser.com. But I found some Buzzer that are magnetical, is that the same? Can I use my LM386 amp to power such device? here is a list For example, it is possible to drive this part that has the following specs:

Thanks for any help.

Those parts are designed with a resonant chamber which produces tremendously loud sound at a particular frequency, or more accurately over a small range of frequencies.

They're great if you want to make a loud beep. Not so great if you want other sounds, and pretty terrible if you try to use it as a speaker for music or voice or other wide spectrum sound.

I just find a document for a similar part (see attached). In fact, the frequecy response is not flat at all… Do you have any idea where I could find powerfull but small transducer?

SMT-0540-S-R.pdf (1.12 MB)

No, small and high power aren't possible over the normal audio range - you have to move air, either more air or more movement, to get volume, and that means large transducers. There is one trick, which is to use the PCB as the speaker diaphragm, you might find there's such a surface speaker available in SMT form.