Which Solenoids?

So I'm going to start prototyping this piezo to solenoid auto accompanist idea I've got. I'm curious what to look out for in solenoids (never bought any before).

I need them to be mounted inside a drum (bass drum and floor tom) and strike the head whenever instructed to by the arduino. Shoud they be push or pull ones? I've seen most of the drum setup solenoids be pull types, pulling on the end of a stick like a lever. I'm guessing springs are also important so it returns back home. Quiet as possible is also good, I want to hear the strikes, not the solenoid working, as is small, as again, it will be mounted inside a small drum (tom).

Is there any way to make solenoids produce different velocity strikes or are they simply on/off? If they only do on/off, what determines the velocity of the hit? The type of solenoid etc..?

I'm going to be ordering from Farnell in the UK, so I've seen they have plenty of solenoids on there.

Thanks for any help.