Which solution for Arduino data storage?

For a project I and my teammates want to make a fully working prototype using an arduino microcontroller.

The system needs to be able to: - operate completely standalone. - measure input from up to 4 (probably all analog) sensors. - work for a complete hour or more.

The data will consist of values from the sensors that need to be saved each second for example.

To be able to read the data of our sensors we want to either: - store data gathered from the sensors on the standalone system. - send data gathered from the sensors wirelessly to a computer.

To store the data on the system, we found two possible solutions using a SD or micro SD card: - MicroSD Module 2Gb for Arduino - SD card shield for Arduino V2.1

To send data wirelessly, we thought of these solutions: - Bluetooth - ArduinoXbeeShield (Zigbee)

Our question is: what kind of solution do you suggest? Are there any other solutions that we haven't mentioned? If you want to know more details, please ask. Thanks in advance!

If you go the route of storing to an SD card locally, you can use our uMMC Data Storage Module. I've written an Arduino library that makes it extremely simple to write data to the card.

Here's the library: http://code.google.com/p/ummc-library-arduino/

Let me know if you need any help with using it.

You can buy it at RobotShop US or one of our other distributors.


Have you ever thought of multiple i2c EEPROMS? Looking at the corners of shat you have in mind you could use those and wont loose much pins and might be better of, in terms of costs, than with a SD or any kinds of wireless stuff.. reading the EEPROM wouldnt be much of a problem either. Just write the needed Serial commands and read it with your PC...

How often will you be reading from this data… If the write is every second or so and you are only going to read the data every day or something then EEPROM should be fine for your needs… The onboard EEPROM on the arduino may even be enough depending on how big the data you are saving is…

Otherwise you can use many SD/microSD libraries or boards and different people will recommend different ones depending on what they use. I would recommend the microSD from libelium but that’s because it’s what I use and the only one I have used…



Thanks for your replies. I am sorry I have not replied earlier... Due to circumstances we have chosen not to use any SD or EEPROM save methods. We chose to use the ArduinoXbeeShield as we want to use more than one Arduino, and only one PC to log the data. We already got it working a bit, but if I have any questions I will come back at it.

Ok, sounds cool... The xbees are a good solution for multiple arduinos if a bit pricey...


There are bunch of different Arduino models . I don't think any have 100's of output pins. You will probably want to use some kind of strobe/multiplex scheme. Do you know anything about digital electronics? About programming? Arduino is a good way to get started but you should first get a reasonably clear idea of what they can do.Magic Backup