Which specific resistance to use for PGOOD pin on bq24074?

The Adafruit Universal USB / DC / Solar Lithium Ion/Polymer charger - bq24074 data sheet does not make it clear to a newbie which specific resistor to use for the PGOOD pin. It mentions something about "high impedance" and using anywhere between 1 kOhm and 100 kOhm. So which of those hundred options should I use?

  • Which resister to receive PGOOD data via GPIO on 3.3V microcontrollers?

  • Which resister to receive PGOOD data via GPIO on 5V microcontrollers?

ANY value in that range! There is no specific value.

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Ah, that does make it simple, then! Thank you for explaining.

Say, any particular advantage to 1 k Ohm resistors versus 100 k Ohm resistors?

By the way, Adafruit makes a habit of bundling many external capacitors and resistors into their implementations of popular IC's. Some of the pins in Adafruit's bq24074 are explicitly documented as not requiring external capacitors/resistors.

Unfortunately, Adafruit's documentation is ambiguous on the PGOOD pin. They do not reiterate that a 1 k Ohm - 100 k Ohm resistor is required, nor do they say that one is already included. So I still do not know if one is required for this branded product.

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