Which stepper motor + IC to choose?


Here is my project: I would like to motorize a toy so the head can rotate in both ways... I already build a similar circuit for this project using no name stepper motors and ULN2003 chispets, but I can't find any cheap motor right here in France. I bought these steppers around 3$ in South Korea and have no idea of which reference to choose now...

I would need a cheap and small motor (50mm max) plus an IC that can be connected to the arduino without any power supply...

Do you guys have some good advice?

Thanks for your help.

If you can get your hands on a (few) old printers tehy ar a very good source for motors, both stepper and DC motors.

I just ripped apart 2 old scanners and 3 small inkjet printer taht i found in someones garbage. I got a wole pile of small steppermotors and other usefull parts.