Which Temperature Sensor to use for Food / Tee?

Hi there,

I want to measure the temperature of tee water and therefor need an sensor which can be used in "food" and kitchen enviroment. I found a website where I can buy sensor in metalcasing, but I don't know which would be the best for use with arduino and how to interface it correctly. Following sensors to choose from: PT100 PT500 PT1000 PT2000 Ni1000

Which should I choose and do you have an tutorial on any of these (how to use it properly)?

Thanks a lot!

You can purchase DS18B20 encased in Stainless steel on EBAY for only a few dollars - easy and it is a no brainer using the 1wire libraries


check this lib - http://milesburton.com/Dallas_Temperature_Control_Library -

Thanks a lot for your support, I will try the Dallas :)!