Which timer for which PWM pin on Arduino Mega?


I would need to generate PWM signals on a Arduino Mega at a higher frequency than the default used for the analog write function. I therefore need to change the prescaler of the concerned timer. However, I wasn't able to find documentation of which PWM pin is linked to which timer in the case of the Arduino mega. Can someone help me here or give me a link to the relevant information?

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2 PWM T3B 3 PWM T3C 4 PWM T0B 5 PWM T3A 6 PWM T4A 7 PWM T4B 8 PWM T4C 9 PWM T2B 10 PWM T2A 11 PWM T1A 12 PWM T1B 13 PWM T0A 44 *PWM T5C 45 *PWM T5B 46 *PWM T5A

  • functions not implemented in Arduino version 0015