Which transistor/mosfet should I use


I need to run 4 DC motors and I know arduino cannot handle the current for it. So I was told to use mosfet or transistor. I looked a lot around and found many mosfets and transistors and I have no idea which one is best.

Someone told me the ULN2003A Darlington would be enough to me power the motors below:


BUT some people told they had some glitch using this ULN2003A. So, do you have any other idea which component I could use to run these 4 motors using PWM from arduino?

Do you know the normal operating voltage and the stall current of these motors.

The ULN2003 is just a bunch of 500mA darlington transistors with kickback diodes.
Bad part could be the high saturation voltage when high current/low voltage motors are used.

Hi, I have no idea about that motors, really there is no information on the internet about them.

@wawa just help me with this: I will use a 9V battery to run the motor. I will connect my digital output pins PWM of arduino to the ULN2003, ok? Do I need any resistor to connect it to the transistor? This darlington component will increase the 9V output if I apply 5V to the input of it or a current of X? What value of X is it?

Can't give you exact advice without knowing the specs of the motors.
Just order them, measure their resistance, and work out the stall current.

The IC might be ok, but could run warm/hot with four motors (depending on the motor current).
There are no other parts required with these IC.

You could also use an eight-darlington IC, and use two sections in parallel to drive one motor.
Check if it has an integrated base resistor (like the ULN2003A).

A common 9volt battery is a bad choice for four motors.
Better use a battery box with AA batteries.

AOI514 is a nice N-channel MOSFET for sinking current thru motors.
Logic level gate, very low Rds, and inexpensive: