Which "type" of Arduino starter pack would you buy?

Proto Pic Arduino Starter Kit @ £38

Oomlout Starter Kit @ £57

I'm not so much thinking about components but what would be best for a beginner to learn good practices etc?

Presumably there's a reason the oomlout costs so much more?

The "oomlout" kit has a lot more kit. There's a motor, and some transistors, and a mini-breadboard (you won't get much out of the Arduino trip without one of those), example wiring cards of some sort - none of which is included with the sparkfun package.

I probably have both kits. My sparkfun kit was more expensive and came in a larger box. My adafruit kit was the same as pictured.

If you are not interested in motors and servos, you can buy the cheaper one. If you intend to learn arduino to control motors and servos, go with the expensive one. The expensive one also has printed materials to guide you with connections.

IMHO.. for beginners the 'punch-through' tutorial cards/sheets that go over the breadboard are very helpful. Learning electronics is hard enough without guessing at the breadboard set-ups too.

plus that kit comes with more components.. ;)

I bought a kit from Earthshine that I really like: www.earthshineelectronics.com/10-arduino-starter-kit.html My brother got the kit from Adafruit. He ended up not using the breadboard overlays to punch through. Though he thought he would.

I bought the oomlout kit when I started out and I still refer back to the manual sometimes for some stuff. It's very clear, and all the code, sheets, everything is also online. It's a great kit, imho.

Ditto what Benji said.