Which type of LCD should I use?

I want to use LCD[ch65292]but i don't know Arduino LCD LIB supports the kind of LCD interface[ch65292]such as SPI interface[ch65292]I2C interface[ch65292]Which type of LCD should I use?

If your Arduino is not doing much other than displaying information, you could use a parallel LCD, conforming to HD44780. This needs more pins, but the devices are cheaper.

If you're trying to perform other hardware tasks as well, and you're running short of pins, then SPI or I2C would have an advantage in that they consume not as many pins, but those display devices cost more.

thanks[ch65281] Arduino's bord did not have enough pin to me, so, According to upper advice [ch65292]I have purchased SPI LCD ;D

My favorite LCD is the parallax 27979 4x20 display, it is a serial display only using the TX pin which is often a BIG plus.