Which Type?

Can All Boards Handle 110 volts, and if not are there any that can? Thanks Alex

What boards are you talking about? You need to give us more of information.

You can always buy a wallwart.

the Arduino boards, Thanks Alex

No Arduino boards can handle 110V. They would be destroyed. You could be seriously injured.

You need a power supply that can convert from 110VAC to 9-12VDC for most arduinos


Even that page says 9VDC minimum, I power my arduinos with a little less than 8V and they work fine.

For example you can power an Arduino UNO with your USB cable connected to your computer or a USB external power supply. Also you can buy a 7.5 (minimum) volt wallwart power supply and plug that into your UNO power jack.

The inputs to an UNO can only support a maximum input voltage of +5 volts.



To add to what others have written, although Arduinos are powered by 7 - 12 V DC and only output 5 V, you can, with additional components, control almost any normal voltage. 110 V AC can be controlled by relays or triacs, depending what you want to do. Maybe, if you explained WHAT you want to do, we could be of more assistance.