Which unit for a real beginner.

Hi all,

I'm new to the forum and electronics and am after a bit of guidance.

I recently gave up my hobby of flying radio controlled jets and decided I needed to something else to keep me amused.
At the ripe old age of 60 I decided that I want to learn electronics as it has always interested me and also frustrated me as I didn't fully understand how the little gizmos that I used in my RC hobby worked. I have assembled many electronic kits over the years that worked but, I never understood how they worked.

I have purchased the Make-electronics book and the two kits they supply and am working my way through that. I was able to do programming several years ago in the days of basic, pascal etc. I'd also like to get into Arduino. I am not sure which board to purchase as there is a good selection. I don't want to start with the beginners kit as I have the breadboard, components etc. I also don't want to buy the most basic unit nor the most advanced. So what do I buy that is not too advanced but that I can grow into?

Would appreciate some guidance.


You have a breadboard? I would suggest a Nano to go with it. Same as the UNO, does not necessarily mate with shields, but the combination with the breadboard is very convenient. You have to want to do a lot before you need more code/ RAM/ I/O than the UNO.

The Nano does have a regulator to be powered from other than the USB or 5V, but not the power connector, however for plain experimentation you will mostly be using the USB for power anyway - though not for external devices such as relays or motors so you are always going to need other power connections and that power connector is not so important/ useful.