Which Voltage ??

Hi all.

Confused newbie here.

I wish to introduce a RTC ZS-042 into my Weather Station. But having scoured the Internet for information on this unit, there seems to be a huge debate has to what voltage the unit should be attached to on an Arduino board.

My unit has a CR2032 supplied with it, so i presume the manufacturer thinks this is ok? the Data sheet states 3.3 > 5 vdc power supply ? so i presume again either of these supply voltages are ok? yet i have read with alarm that if powered by a 5 volt supply this can destroy the Battery? in layman’s terms please, which power supply should i use?



If the data sheets says 3.3 to 5V, any voltage in that range is acceptable.

The CR2032 is not rechargeable, that us where the problem lays.

In my view, this is regardless of the supply voltage, but I might be wrong.

There is a thread detailing which component you can remove; will see if I can find it back.

ZS-042 DS3231 RTC module. The first reply contains a picture trace_cut.png that shows which trace you can cut. There is also a schematic.

Trick is to prevent the CR2032 from being charged. So removing either the resistor or the diode (schematic R5 or D2, visible in trace_cut.png) will also work.

Some people did publish some rubbish in that thread.