Which wire do you use For your links?

Hi everybody, In all my application with Arduino, I have a big problem: the wires. Since I have to solder all my wires, it always get broken. So my question is: which wires do you use in your application? What is their AWG? Do you solder the pin over it? Can you post me the site where you buy your wires? Thank you!!

Since I have to solder all my wires, it always get broken.

That does not make much sense. Why do they break if you solder them?

The wire you use depends on how you are constructing things. Solid core insulated wire with 0.7 mm diameter is useful. However I use 7 007 stranded wire solders to pins that I plug into the Arduino sockets. That size means seven strands of 0.07 wire.

It is only useful giving you a site if we know where in the world you are.

Hi Mike, Yeah I know it can appear strange, but I'm working to a project in which all wires get broken because they are too thin. So I have to solder. What's more, when I solder a pin on a wire, the wire breaks in proximity of the pond. And this always happens! Always! I'm getting crazy.. Do you have the dame problem? Do you know any good connector ? Thank you

More information please. You mentioned a pond. Is the wiring corroding?


If you are using "solid" core wire instead of "stranded" core wire, that could be you problem. Small AWG solid core wire in the range of 24-30 AWG are really only good in cases where the wires will not be moved once soldered. If the wires are going to have any sort of unplugging and plugging or need to be flexed at all, you need the same size wire, but stranded core so the wire maintains flexibility. It can still break, but is much more tolerant of movement.

I use pond to solder pin. Yes, the wires are constaintly under movement because they are in a car.
I sue stranded wire, but they always brake at the part soldered with pin…
Maybe solder a pin on a wire is not a Hood idea

Normally, you don’t solder pins… you crimp them.

There must be a translation issue. I have no idea what “pond” means in this context.


FranLo: I use pond to solder pin.

What do you mean by "pond"?


Yes stranded wire has a weak point where it becomes solid because of soldering.

The two ways round this are:- 1) to use crimped connections like pwillard said. The flexing then distributes the strain over a short length of the wire.

2) To solder the wire but apply a strain relief clamp a short way off the solder joint so the joind does not flex.

Do you have the dame problem?

:) No I am married and have no problem with dames. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZgzvTHsOxSQ

I also do not have the same problem because I use strain relief on wires that are going to flex.