Whisper Node, a Wireless Arduino-based platform on a single battery

Hi everyone, I would like to use this forum to announce my project: Whisper Node!

For some time now I've been designing and testing a new Dev board, which I've created to fulfill some requirements I had for a project. I needed a good Wireless communication and able to run my Arduino for some long periods on batteries.

For that reason I've created the "Whisper Node", which I'm glad to announce it's now available as a product, just follow the link: Whisper Node - AVR - Wisen

Some main features include:

  • Wireless communication out-of-the box using RFM69 modules for long range
  • Capable of running from as little as 0.8V, in other words, a single AAA cell will power it
  • External SPI 4Mbit Flash memory
  • Additional dual-LDO power supply
  • As little as 5uA sleeping current for the full board!

Please check it out, share with your friends and support this project if you believe it's interesting.

Thank you all!