white goods insurance

My dishwashing machine has failed, i think the heating element has failed. Had it 25 plus years and recall a 32 pound annual insurance offer at the time. Anyone else fall for these policies ? What is the typical cost of repair of these things these days ? It was a NEFF.

I think that insurance for goods white people use is sorta racist... how do they tell the difference between white peoples goods and black people goods? And what about the islamic extemists? I reckon they buy goods too...

But if your dishwasher lasted 25 years, that's a win.

But if your dishwasher lasted 25 years, that’s a win.

Yes , it was a poke at all those insurance policies that come through my door, wondering how many people actually fall for them…?

Islamic extremists probably just nick a new one , but electric is likely to run out before the insurance.