WHITE SCREEN for touchpaint example??


i have been working on an Adafruit product, 2.8"TFT Touch Sheild for Arduino with capacitors (P1947) and I am just testing to see if the display works or not. For the “touchpaint” exmple under “Adafruit_ILI9341,” I was able to compile with no error message and the display on the TFT comes up completely white as you see image attached. I have every file that is needed to complete this example and not sure what to so next??


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I think you are now supposed to move your finger over the display surface and it should draw a line under it.

I think....its a long time since I have played with one, and its not here to try out tonight.



thanks for the quick response and i forgot to add that the COM6 pop-up would say, "touch paint!" 1-2 seconds after i upload the program. I am swiping and nothing is producing a simple linear line.