Who are you? Where are you located?


India is a pretty large country. It would be nice if you posted here a brief introduction to yourself, which school you are attending, where you are located, etc.

In this way we will keep a single entry point for everyone in India, making it easier for everyone to find like-minded people in your vicinity.



This is Ram, From Tenet Technetronics India. I work as a Technical Evangelist at Tenet . Tenet Technetronics provides OEM/ODM services and most of our POCs are realized on an Arduino platform. Be it a simple control system or a complex logic arduino really simplifies things to test out things and as always you could improve things and move them to production once u have the design working !

If you are one interested in seeing how Arduinos could be used apart from only art and simple controls please feel free to visit us and we would be more than happy to open up the black boxes of designs where a neat little Arduino UNO/MEGA rests and does the job !

Thanks, Ram, Tenet Technetronics, http://www.tenettech.com http://www.tenettech.com/blogspot http://youtube.com/tenetworld


Jobin here, I design and make machines, robots and controller boards. I am located at Bangalore.
Happy to see a forum for India, and hope this effort will bring the community closer !!


Hello! :slight_smile:

IRC Nick and twitter handle - beachbrake. An electronics enthusiast and Arduino representative in India. I can answer questions regarding basic interface with all the arduino boards and sourcing of electronics component hardware in India. I operate out of New Delhi and Bangalore depending upon work requirements.

  • Priya

Hi this is Karthik from Chennai, A wannabe geek - Did a hacky wacky project using Arduino with weather sensors and a GSM module. Currently into Java Development and a lot of other side projects in various languages, would love to be a part and contribute to the Arduino community.

my Nick : yeskarthik


Great to see the India forum spawn!

I’m Avik, a big-time Arduino enthusiast. I mostly use Arduino to interface with modules. GSM, GPS, RFID, Biometrics, Bluetooth & Wi-Fi to name a few.
On a little more interesting part, I’m using a Cisco router as the Wi-Fi module. It runs a tiny distro of Linux and is connected to the Arduino over a serial connection. I am currently in Bangalore and am pretty well versed with SP Road!


I’m a M.Tech in embedded systems and make my custom arduinos for various projects. I’m from surat, gujarat.
I’ve made 6-dof robotic arm, CNC machine, drum machine, bunch of lamps from old CDs, couple of robots and stuff… all controlled by AVRs.
I’d like to see more of arduino in India.

Hello guys,

I am Gaurav Parida,am a big fan of arduino for long time(about 3 years).I am from Mumbai .Now that my engineering entrance exams are over.i will be spending my 2 months completely with an Arduino and start doing some geeky stuff XD

Hello everyone,

My name is Sudar and I am based out of Bangalore.

I am big fan of Arudino and have been using it for close to 3 years now.I build small bots using Arduino as a hobby. My main interest lies in making Arduino to talk with other systems, especially mobiles phones running Android.

You can checkout most of my projects about Arduino in my blog (http://sudarmuthu.com/arduino) and the source code for most of them are there in my github account.

I am sudarmuthu in twitter and sudar in github.

Hi all,

I am from Hyderabad pursuing B.Tech 3rd year i love arduino and so projects with it and other microcontrollers nice to see some fellow Indians here on the forum, its been long since I've visited the forum as i didn't find any localized information, nice move by the arduino guys :)

if u want to check here is my website : www.robotspace.in

Cheers Roopak Jada

Hi Folks,

This is Nishant from Delhi NCR ,India. I'm a programmer by profession and have made almost everything with Arduino's which has been possible given its capability. Happy to join with fellow Arduinian's from India.

Further im a Manufacturer of Electronic parts and items with Robotic implication.

Anyone from North India , I mean Delhi or Nearby Area's?

Regards, Nishant

Hii Everyone,

I’m Piyush from Delhi, India. I’m working as a Research Assistant at IIT Delhi in the Department of Computer Science. My work involves with the development of tools and technology and voice based applications for Community Radios and other NGO’s.

I’m a newbie to Arduino and don’t have any kind of experience with it. I’ve an idea that I want to implement, so I bought an Arduino a week ago and started experimenting with it. Will be soon starting a new thread about it and will need help from you guys.

It will be great to be a part of this group and learn and interact with other like minded people and to know about their work.

Thanks & Regards,

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Hello folks, I'm Ashfaq a student,from Bangalore, I am an AVR freak as well as arduino fan! ive done various DIY projects using arduino mainly for various competitions at fest like IIT and other collages. Apart from this i have done a project on gesture based mouse using AVR and arduino(will be blogging abt it soon).

I am a strong believer of free software and open hardware, hence volunteer in an organization called FSMK(Free software movement Karnataka) where i have conducted a workshop on arduino and plan to do more along with a small team. Additionally i have conducted few workshops and small talks on open hardware lines at various collages.

I hope to be a major part of the open hardware movement in India, starting from my home town of Bangalore.


Ashfaq H F +918553480886 http://www.flickr.com/photos/ashfaqfarooqui/ http://sneakpeakintomyworld.blogspot.com/ http://photoelectricchefs.weebly.com/

Hello guys,

Im happy to see that India has now got its own section at arduino.cc
I live in chennai, tamilnadu.

anyone from chennai here??

and please visit my blog www.arduinoguides.blogspot.com

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Hello guys,
It’s Himanshu from Jaipur (Rajasthan),
I am a MCA student and a programmer (Java and C family).
I am a newbie for arduino, and want to learn and use all of this techniques.
I am researching and developing on a new AI program for automation of everyday life, and i know Arduino is best for this purpose.
as finally it’s in India, now i can go out of my PC and test all of this in real world.
Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi! guys I'm Ufoguy. I love arduino as a hobby. I haven't made anything unique with it yet. I may in the future.

Hello Everyone…
I’m Prakash from Chennai… I work at Simple Labs

Simply Love Arduino…

Have been into everything around Arduino for the last 4 years… Training, Projects, Prototypes, Distribution…

If you are in chennai, feel free to drop into our office [Beware, its a freaky place!] :slight_smile:


i am raghv
i am a student in indore, mp and i recently went to 11th standard
in summers i took a part time job(for fun) at technido, one of the affiliates of kits n spares
i am following arduino for 1 year and i have worked on many different projects(it was a part of the job)

Hi All,

Good to See A Great Indian Support Here. Myself Mandeesh Singh, I’m a Freelance Embedded Systems Developer and Trainer Based in New Delhi.
Finally I moved on to Arduino after 8051 and PIC. We as a team work on Developing Embedded Systems Products / Projects and Provide Industrial Embedded Solutions based on 8051 / AVR / PIC / ARM7. And I’m really astounded :open_mouth: to see and experience the capabilities of Arduino and will definitely use and share it with all. Share and Grow . . :slight_smile:

Cheeeers :slight_smile: . .

Mandeesh Singh
FB : Mandeesh Singh
Linkedin : Mandeesh Singh http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mandeesh-singh/1a/38a/943
E-mail : mandeeshc@gmail.com / info@bm-es.com
Mobile : +91-7838079707

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