Who are you? Where are you located?

Hi. I'm Rishiraj from Guwahati, Assam. Electronics is my hobby and Arduino is a boon for me to pursue the same. I'm always keen to make new stuff by using Arduino. I'm also interested in attending any seminar/conference/workshop/training on Embedded Systems.

Rishiraj Adhikary facebook.com/rishiraj.adhikary twitter.com/rishihere +919508317221

Hello Everyone, I'm Shivansh Dave from Gujarat. I'm an another Arduino enthusiast like u all. :) Here for learning something new and interesting. I'm new in electronics, and just recently got my first board and made one autonomous. Hope i would satisfy my self through advanced learning of uC programming through Arduino from here. :)

Really nice to see you all here. Regards, -SD

Hello all,

This is Ramesh Nair from India working as a Internet marketing manger. Nice to see this section here.

Hi ,

I am from Hyderabad working as a Software developer.. Just want to start exploring Arduino...

Thanks Yakub Pasha

Hi to all,

I'm Roberto, living in Italy (Rome). Hardware and software designer, developer and ... still enthusiast (after some 35 years XD ) studied physics (HEP) here and worked in the USA for awhile.

...really nice forum populated by really nice folks! :D

Hello :) I'm Karthik from Mangalore. Currently pursuing my final year BE in PACE. Planning to use an arduino in my final year project. :)


I am Chandran from Chennai. Retired from Govt. Service. I have no formal education in electronics but am an electronic enthusiast and have learnt quite a lot over the years. Got my arduino board and 'A Quick Start Guide' recently. Nice to know there are lot of people on the forum from India and chennai


I am Jayprakash Shet. It is great to know that we have now got India forum also.

We are into Home & Industrial automation business. We also design & develop new electronics products based on latest controllers including ARM.

We have many products that can be used with Arduino boards. We will have many blog posts dedicated to Arduino in near future. So do drop by !

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satyawan from rohtak haryana.

This is Harshad, from Pune, India. I am a mechanical engineer by day, and have just discovered electronics and the Arduino. A n00b in both, so am starting from scratch. Good to see a great community here :)

Hmmm… myself from Kolkata.


I'm Nishal N.S. from Mangalore. I'm doing my B.Tech. Mechanical Engineering in NITK, Surathkal. Using Arduino for hobby projects.

Thank you very much for the India page.


Dhaval Patel here. I am a mechanical engineer located in ahemedabad which is interested in Electronics because machine needs controller. I want to develop a CNC router and Laser Cutter and for that i came to contact in Arduino. It is great thing as we know.

Hope, we will make together this possible.

If you you want to do any mechanical analysis ( structural) than contact me.

hi friends, iam adalarasu, hailing from madurai, tamilnadu, iam a masters engg grad presently involved in the business of construction products manufacture. iam an electronics enthu having min knowhow abt electronics. iam in the phase of automating my industrial process, now i have found arduino, i need help from one and all of this forum. bye for now!

I am Eshan Singh, in Pune, Maharashtra; I am an Arduino fan attending Blue Ridge Educational Institute. I love to work with electronics, especially when it comes to software. I believe in the potential of Arduino, and so I am even trying to build a laptop with it. It is amazing that such a diverse community can come together and discuss so many things and help each other.

All hail the Arduino Way!

sila moc i potega

I'm Akhil from Hyderabad. My love for Arduino started right from my 1st year of engineering, after pocuring the UNO from E-Store

I was able to build two small scale projects with arduino one was LED blinking system and the other was Anti theft burglary System.

Presently I'm working to use Arduino up to it's limits in implementing my Major Project. If anyone from Hyderabad interested in contacting me can contact me through Facebbok Below are the links provided.

LINKS: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/akhilisgod

Project: http://youtu.be/FCbtdjNTstA http://youtu.be/vGDcMDwFNJM

Jojo Joson

An Embedded Designer and an entrepreneur in IT & Embedded Field.

My firm runs an electronics blog which may be of interest for everyone here:- www.circuitstoday.com

Always feel free to get in touch with me.

Hai,this is pavankumar member of Electronics Innovation Centre SRKR engineering college.I'm an under graduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering in the same college,interested in communication projects related to Arduino,Python and Raspberry Pi.


I am Onkar from Pune, Maharashtra. I am a student studying in class 8th. I am very new to Arduino so your guidance would be of great help.

thanks and regards,