Who are you? Where are you located?

This is Avishek Saha from Berhampore, West Bengal. I am a student, tech enthusiast and a Arduino fan. I like to learn new stuffs about electronics and computers.

Hi, My name is Anurag and i'm from Mumbai. Doing B.tech. is anyone from mumbai here?

Hello Guys,

This is Ankush from Pune. Working as Embedded software Dveloper. Hope i'll sort out problems in coding and want to help to other who having problems :)

I am Vishal from Mumbai. Want to explore Arduino (AVR) from commercial perspective. Please let me know who all interested to perceive this. Lets plan meet Mumbai, Pune and others nearby.

HI! I am Soumya from Kolkata, West Bengal. Arduino got me started on Microcontrollers and now I am trying to learn as much as I can. I hope I can contribute anything worthy to this great open source community! ::)

I am Sahaj Sarup from NOIDA.

Hi to all arduino geeks,

I am Akki from Pune. An enthusiast software and hardware programmer. Let make a good community for arduino and help each other.


Hello guyz

Thanks for making a section for INDIA My name is Mohammed Azeem i work as electronics repairing technician since my childhood (Destroyed allot of gadgets) i hail from heavenly city HYDERABAD

My love developed for Arduino since i watch videos on Youtube (LED Cubes, Servos Etc..) ARDUINO makes thing so simple that Imagine a project and code it on page then compile it and TADA :)

I've built some LED projects and soon i will start some complex projects, Thanks Arduino

Hi All,

First of all my humble wishes to the moderators for representing India in this forum.

I am Sudharsan from Chennai (Tamil Nadu). I am currently working for Cognizant. I am basically from computer background.

My love for electronics was there ever since I remember myself. May be due to my father's influence... who is a old time electronics fan.. (Radio engineering..)

But my love for arduino got developed very recently (i very recently came to know about the existence of it) . May be a year or so.

It is just today I have ordered for my own gear :) Hoping to have a very good learning experience..

Regards, S. Sudharsan


This is Swaton from Kolkata, West Bengal. Nice to see a pge for India too. I took interest in arduino since I was 10, now am 15. Working with arduino is my hobby. I have worked with sensors like PIR, Ultrasonic , Pressure, light, etc. Currently working on home automation. I know a couple of programming languages like java, batch and of-course arduino and a little bit of processing. I hope my knowledge will help others as well as others will help me and am very proud to represent India.

Thankyou, Swaton

Hi, Ashutosh here.
Great to see india up here on the list!
I’m 16 and i simply love tinkering and building stuff.
I’ve worked with basic sensors and have come up with a few projects of my own.

i have a youtube channel, check it out here
Note:Not all of my videos are arduino related

More videos to come soon!

Hey guys, seems pretty silent here..

Im Srijal Poojari from Mumbai, interested in making all kings of stuff. Happy to meet you guys! :D

JAY RATHOD from Gujarat-Rajkot. A generic Arduino player. Working in Govt. Of Gujarat. Developing projects on Arduino. . Thanks Jay

Hello I am Yatin Deshpande from Nasik, Maharashtra! I am electronics engineer and just starting with arduino! I am doing modbus protocol with it, if anybody did this please message me! Thanks for moderator to make effort to take all of us closer! Thanks

Hi all, This is Abhishek Kuksal from gandhidham, kutch, gujarat, India. Im a new bie in this area but i will try to get up on table like you all here. Likely im the first person to get arduino or its clone to Kutch for first time. Well Im studying Diploma in Mechanical engg last year at Tolani F.G Polytecnic.

Hi David,

I am Totally New To This Forum. I am Based Out of Kerala. I am a Cyber Security Expert and wedding photographer. Any One Here From Delhi?? I am Here garudafilmmakers.com

Regards Sreekanth Delhi-96


This is Nitin Sontakke (as you can make out from user name). I am located in Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Personally, quite keen to put together a meet-up around Arduino.

So far found following from Pune in this forum:

Avatar Name

Suma Sumant uberjoker Harshad Arduinoisme Eshan Singh 0123_456 Omkar ankushg989 Ankush BarrierBreaker Akki

Feel free to mail me: nitin at sontakke dot com


A much needed forum and discussion platform for locals. I will be sharing my arduino projects soon on this forum with you people.

Akhil Kapoor


Hi this is Binay from Delhi. I read about Arduino while pursuing my hobby of reef keeping and decided to jump into the bandwagon two months ago and have since then made a Reef controller based on Arduino mega to mimic sunrise, daylight, sunset, moonphase, temperature probes, autofeeder, automatic water top off, datalogger and am working to add various probes and extra function ability to my project. I have no background of any programming language but thanks to the libraries and codes uploaded by so many enthusiasts I have managed to learn and develop my controller. I am now working on a project to stream data of air quality in and around Delhi in real time. As this is a hobby I cannot work at the pace I would love to but am hoping to be able to finish the project in a few months.

Hello ArduoINDIANS, This is mayuri from Belagum Karnataka. Basically a EMbedded C developer , deal with PIC microcontrollers. I have stated doing projects on arduino. Nice to c u all..