Who is user 'system'?

I’ve noticed that there is a user called ‘system’. I have the suspicion that users who, in the old forum were guests, ar now called ‘system’.

Nice promotion if so :wink:


The system user is a special account that is automatically created by Discourse. It is used for performing some automated functions on the site. It is also used as the API user if you make API requests with the All Users API key.

It doesn’t look automated. More like a mod/admin gone anonymous.

One of the tasks of this automated account was creating all the posts that no longer had a user account attached.

Even though we have very dedicated moderators, that would have been a herculean task to do manually. Much better to let the robots handle the boring stuff they are so good at so us wetware can focus our time on the things we do better.

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Alas, no ‘solved’ button on this post.

Maybe only the OP can mark as solved? But I don’t see a button either.

I had seen someone used that “solved” thing the other day and thought it looked very interesting. It is a Discourse plugin:
I investigated and discovered that it’s currently configured in a manner that requires it to be enabled for each forum category individually, and it was not enabled for this category. I have now enabled.

Yes, I think so. I can only see it on my own topics.

@sterretje please check if you see the “Solution” checkbox at the bottom of the posts now that I have enabled it for this category. It should be as shown in this screenshot:


Just delete those. Forum admins always have a nasty habit to try to keep stuff around from users that leave. Just wipe their accounts and content. Some hiccups in ancient topics because a few replies are gone are not so bad. We have to learn to do house cleaning on data every much as we do in our real houses.

I don’t see any reason to remove it. Some extremely active forum members from days gone by have since deleted their accounts, so what you suggest would result in the loss of a huge amount of valuable information.

I’ve marked one of @pert 's posts as solution. Looks like i can mark more.

@dougp, you can also try to mark a post as solution.

Way cool!
What do you all think? Should this feature be enabled across the entire forum? Do you think it would be useful, or only make the UI more “noisy”?

I see the accepted answer is shown at the very top of the topic:


And also there is a :white_check_mark: icon next to the topic name in the topics list:

Yes, it is THEIR writing. It is maybe the only thing I do like about Facebook, you are always in control of what you post.

Every user has the right to request deletion of their content. I know for a fact that some users specifically wanted to be sure that the content they created would not be lost when they deleted their accounts because they didn’t want their years of work sharing valuable knowledge to be lost.

Yes, I think that it should be enabled. But be aware of consistency; people might be highly confused if they can ‘mark as solution’ in certain threads/categories and not in other ones.

I agree completely. It even very much confused me because I had seen a random forum post marked as solution, but then couldn’t see that “Solution” checkbox on any of my own topics.

I’m going to disable the feature again now for this category until there is a decision regarding whether it will be enabled globally. I wanted to use this thread to try it out and get some feedback.

homer simpson doh

solved button - IMO it could save someone scrolling through a long thread (the no more pages issue) to find an answer. In the old forum folks were encouraged to add [SOLVED] to their post title as a sign to others down the road. This would serve the same purpose and be faster - and easier for the OP since it’d only be a button press away.

I find it odd that a user other than the OP would have the ability to tag an issue ‘solved’.

Yes, I think that it could be very beneficial if forum members followed this practice more often.

This has benefits in two separate ways:

  • Helpers will be able to quickly scan past the resolved topics and focus their time on the unresolved ones.
  • People searching for solutions to their problems can immediately determine which of the answers was the solution

Only OP (“topic owner”) and “staff” (administrators and I suppose moderators too) can mark solutions: