Who Is Working On AnalogWrite for ESP32?

I'm trying to find out exactly what group is working on the analogWrite for ESP32 devices. Is it an issue with Espressif or is it with some other group? I hear it's still not available. I go to Espressif site and one post stated it was moved to the Arduino board. I mean this has been an issue for a while and yet who is working on it? I've got several instances where using an ESP32 would be an advantage but need the analogWrite() function, not PWM. Just trying to find out whose working on it and a status. Has anyone heard?

I really have no info on ESP32 development efforts but...

but need the analogWrite() function, not PWM.

This confuses me. I was under the impression that analogWrite() IS PWM.

Do you mean dacWrite() using the digital to analog converter or what are your expectations of analogWrite() if it is not PWM ?