who knows about xymon and arduino-ethernet ?


I'm looking for client xymon dev. in arduino to use xymon system (th. ethernet shield).

Someone hear about that ?

Many thanks

Sniff. Sniff. Hmmm. I smell spam.

I forgot the "?" on the first post :roll_eyes: I think there is no answer yet so I have to dev. it myself ?

All of your posts are on the same topic. I'm not going to a link I know nothing about to see what is there. Could be a malware/virus site for all I know. The complete lack of "been there/done that" responses indicates that a lot of other people feel the same way, or that you are the first to care/try. So, go for it, if this isn't spam.

I don’t care about xymon (… popular & reliable :roll_eyes: : that all - and I want to keep arduino) : it is just an example for green, yellow, red alarm and graphs report on line …
I ask about this type of already existing system (pachube is an another one … but now ? I know another new one - still in progress but most for business, but no more …
it does not matter : that is the future :smiley:

For the sake of completeness: yes it is possible to use a Xymon client on an Arduino to report something measured at the Arduino to a Xymon server. However, due to memory constraints, the client I have written is intermixed with the application itself. As a result, it is not a real function or module which can serve as a Xymon client. It is rather an example which must be tailored to your needs.