Who needs cheap MSOP10/TSSOP8 to DIP adapters ?


I’ve been planning to build a boost converter based on the LT1618 chip for a 12V 3W LED project for quite a while. It has quite a few features that I want to have (voltage limiting, current limiting, dimming …). Unfortunately it only comes in an MSOP10 package, so prototyping on perfboard is a no go without adapters. I know there are adapters by “bellin” and others that are hilariously priced, but they only sell panels that also include adapters for TSOP and others which I neither want nor need.

So I’m thinking about having some adapters made, so each one gets really cheap (50¢ or so). First side: MSOP10, second side: TSSOP8

Anybody want / need some ? Drop me a message!

It may take a few weeks until they arrive though. You’ve been warned.


I finally got the PCBs, after almost 8 weeks. Here are some pictures:

I take it that these are for 5v to 12v boost converters. You don’t have anything for 1.5v to 5v do you?

Are you selling the entire unit assembled, in kit form, or simply the pcb?

No no. This chip is really versatile. Have a look at it’s datasheet. It can run from 1.6V or so. Efficiency may be better with 3V.

And I don’t sell the chips :wink:

I’m just a frustrated guy who doesn’t want to spend a fortune on these adapters which I need for prototyping. So you can have some of the adapters, but just the bare boards. And please not for resale or ebay.

I’d be interested if you could do the following for me.

Would you sell me:

  • 2 LT1618 Chips
  • 2 of your PCB’s

I’m located in Canada, Ontario btw, so if you could get me a cost inclusive of shipping (padded envelope would be OK) that’d be great. If you’d rather drop me a personal message and talk that way then feel free to do so.

Nice job on the PCB’s btw. They are very pro.