Who wants a free Arduino Super Bot? (Not Spam) (Seriously)

SuperDroid Robots is giving away one of their bots. It's worth thousands of dollars.
All you have to do to win it is like them on Facebook, and convince them that you're the best person to give it to on their forums.
They'll choose the best entry and send them the bot. :slight_smile:
I have no affiliation with SD Robots. Just thought it was a cool contest that you might want to know about.

It is powered by Arduino and they have made all of the code, as well as the robot build, opensource.
You can find it on their website.

Why are you posting this here?
I am curious as this is your first post.

Am guessing this spam and the link is junk as Super Droid Robots has no contest announcement on their home page

they have here - Update to the Promotional Robot Give Away – SuperDroid Robots -

Ok, just need some imagination as to what I'd do with one now...

Yeap. Not Spam. The link is real. :slight_smile:
I do a lot with Arduino, and it's an Arduino bot. I figured that anyone who's in to Arduino could probably use a $4,000 robot.
The robot is built. They have a youtube video of it.
Links to their Arduino code and robot build on their page I linked in my first post.

I have no affiliation with SuperDroid at all. I just thought that they were really cool for giving away a $4,000 robot, so I let everyone know about it.

Good luck winning the 'bot! :slight_smile:

Here's a link to their YouTube video: Autonomous Automation Robot Movement by SuperDroid Robots - YouTube