Who wants to be critical of my work! (School Work)

Of course you all do :slight_smile: lol

I’ve attached a word doc to this post, all it would require is someone to just look at the results and make sure I made no huge obvious mistakes regarding
current flow / voltage (closed/open) circuits.

Sorry about it being a .doc file, I installed Open Office.

Thanks… I’m concerned with my results for an open circuit voltage thanks Acting Lecturers :slight_smile: lol

Prac 3-1 Series LED Circuits.doc (535 KB)


(i) Assume your LED became ‘short circuited’ (i.e. it’s its resistance became zero). Determine values for the following and explain…

Regarding your "Table 3" results -- There's no voltage across the open circuit, the meter's impedance, though very high, completes the circuit nonetheless. In days of yore, meter loading was a big deal; these days, nobody has to care much about "ohms / volt" or "kohms / volt".

2, I would use different unit of measure - mA vs A.

5.68mA then results in total voltage that is much closer to 10V than you are seeing with .0056A

You could also ignore the current and calculate the voltage: Vjunction of R1/R2 = Vin *R2/(R1+R2) = 10V * 560/(1200+560) = 3.18V

VR1 = 10V - 3.18 = 6.82


thanks :)