Whoever is good at making Tricopters

I’m making a tricopter from scratch, so
till now I’ve made coding for mpu6050, BMP180, servo motor and ESC.
But haven’t integrated yet, I’m trying to integrate mpu6050 and my all 3 motors/ESC to balance itself.

My question is
1)what should i focus on to balance the motor?
2)Should use PID control to balance the tricopter or without it i can balance it?
3)Is it necessary to integrate servo motor code while balancing the tricopter?
4) What should i keep in mind while doing these?
5) does it make any difference in the IMU code to balance the drone in flight if your using a laptop to communicate?

ESC_calibrate.ino (1.94 KB)

blds.ino (1.22 KB)

MPU6050_gyro_pitch_roll_yaw.ino (1.19 KB)