Why am I no more notified when a reply is written to a topic I am watching?

Why am I no more notified when a reply is written to a topic I am watching?
I search in my profil if there is an option but don’t find nothing

Ok, I found the little "Setting" word in my "Profile Info" displayed after clicking on the pencil in front of "FORUM SETTING"

I am not getting any replies although the settings look correct.

I am getting replies to only two of the many forum threads that I am currently participating in. I haven’t been able to determine what, if anything, differentiates these from the others.


I think notifications are still broken, I've not had a single one since the upgrade.

IMO this is pretty much a show stopper, I don't have time to trawl all the boards and can't leave 50 browser tabs open, so I work on an interrupt-driven fire-and-forget basis. I post to a thread then close the tab. I no longer think about that thread until I get an email, no email no more participation by me.

I'm sure there are people thinking I'm an ignorant bugger by now, bad luck I suppose. And I have also pretty much stopped posting because I know I will not get to follow up.

I used to have a bookmark that loaded all new posts in about 10 boards I have an interest in,


that was easy, one click then scan the list. Clicking on "New posts" or whatever doesn't cut it because you get all non-English posts and the crap (to me) about wearable stuff etc.

Anyway, that's my 2c worth.


Like Rob, I also do not receive any notifications bar one, which is a non-existent post that likes to come every now and then.

With no notifications at all, I have better things to do with my time, like attending to the other 273 open tabs I have.

What else can I say, except that this forum is now unuseable for me, so I'm not sure why I'm even here.


Notifications are still not working or is there a configuration to perform?

In another thread someone suggested the idea of ditching this forum and setting up there own. Initially I though this a bad idea but as the weeks roll by and nothing still working here I am beginning to re-consider. At least to your potential delight I don't tend to post as often now and read even less help requests. :P

I've just skimmed the first five pages of Programming Questions to see if there is one I replied to, that someone has got back to me about. After that I gave up.

I can't remember what other parts I posted in recently.

"Sorry" to everyone who thinks I am ignoring them. Not my fault.

"Sorry" to everyone who thinks I am ignoring them. Not my fault.