Why Arduino Uno cannot correctly read the Data from different pins?

Cannot read Data from sensors correctly, and it always automatically INPUT Data. I used Piezo sensor put into Analog(A0), it will automatically input Data, even I do not touch it!

I tried many methods to solve this problem, such as changing coding or circuit. However, these are all not helpful!

Do you think Arduino Uno are broken or my setting problem! But I think I still follow the right way to do it, and before it worked!

What I want is when PIEZO SENSOR is touched, a circle in screen will be changed its size. It worked before, but now cannot work!

import ddf.minim.*;//declare 
AudioPlayer player;//upload Musi
Minim minim;////upload 5 Music based on sensor1-5

import org.firmata.*;
import cc.arduino.*;
import processing.serial.*;
Arduino arduino;

int buttonPin = 13;
int sensorPin1 = 0;
int sensorPin2 = 1;
int sensorPin3 = 2;
int sensorPin4 = 3;
int sensorPin5 = 4;
int sensorLevel = 500;

void setup() {

  size(1028, 720);
  arduino = new Arduino(this, Arduino.list()[4], 57600);

  arduino.pinMode(buttonPin, Arduino.OUTPUT);
  arduino.pinMode(sensorPin1, Arduino.INPUT);

void draw()
  int analogValue =  arduino.analogRead(sensorPin1);
  println(analogValue); //print it for testing purposes
   if (analogValue>sensorLevel) {
    background(400, 200, 500);
    //fill(255, analogValue, analogValue);
    ellipse(width/2, height/2, analogValue-100, analogValue-100);
    arduino.digitalWrite(buttonPin, Arduino.HIGH);
 //minim=new Minim(this);//
 //player=minim.loadFile("mo.mp3");//locate file
  } else {
    arduino.digitalWrite(buttonPin, Arduino.LOW);

Post your code, use code tags(</> button).

Post a schematic of your circuit.

Explain what results you expect.

Explain what results you are getting instead of what you expected.

Thank you so much!

Post schematic - I suspect it's a wiring problem. Do not post a fritzing diagram, hand drawn is better.