Why are there NO MOUNT boards for the arduino circuit boards???

I have searched and searched and have yet to find any kind of variable sized mount boards that would accommodate arduino boards, relay boards, support for back up batteries, wireless transceivers and so on. I want to find a source that sells mount boards that can be screwed into a mount box and allows unlimited mounting locations for all these components. Some times, the arduino cannot always be mounted in the top or middle so, finding a board source that allows the flexible locate of the parts is desired.

My current box ID is 5 20/32 x 8 24/32

This is a prototype box so the next box size could be a different dimension. I will be selling my projects so the mount board will be commercial grade quality and NOT made of PCB perf board material.

Can you sketch us a drawing what you need.

Crossroads has many boards that may fit.

His Bobuino2 is a kind of all in one board, it is GREAT!



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I'm sorry, I'm not really sure what you're asking for.

What is a "mount board"? How is what you're looking for different from a project box?

Kinda looks like him too.

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Here's 13 different boxes that are specifically for Ardino projects: http://www.digikey.com/product-search/en/boxes-enclosures-racks/boxes/2163622?k=arduino

I have one that is like 4 boards hinged on the edges so they roll up into a cube or lay out flat for working on. I thought I bought it from Digi-key but it's not showing up in the above search.

Found it! The Boardganizer

Neat 8)