Why aren't my servos moving?

I am trying to run 2 mg996r servos from an arduino and it just makes clicking noises and doesn’t move. I have them powered by a 5v 15a external power supply with the arduino ground connected to the powers ground. I’ve looked it up and tried some suggestions but nothing is working. Any suggestions?

Try disconnecting one servo and run the sweep example on the one that remains. What voltage do those servos need?

The most common problem with servos is lack of power, though I doubt that is the case here unless 5V is insufficient.

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Please post a wiring diagram, not any Fritzing and the code, according to the information in the first topics here.

Don’t try to pass servo power through a breadboard, as the breadboard tracks will burn.

Solder the power connections or use secure screw terminals.

Look into something like this Servo Tester

This will help you determine if your servo’s are bad or if it’s just the wiring, or the code. I use these all the time and I power mine with 6V.

This is the schematic I use to control my servos when using I’m using Arduino (although now I use the Pololu Maestro control board). Power your servos with your 5V and also plug on your Arduino using the Arduino cable (this will power the Arduino) and then try running the code.

Getting the servos to move will need some code. Please post yours, along with the schematic.


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