Why can't I connect 3+ servo's to arduino? How to get around that

I am aware the Arduino only supplies up to 5v (I think) so that's probably why I can't connect 3 or more servos to it (right?)

But how do I get around that? any replies would be much appreciated

No, it's current that's in short supply, not voltage.

A 5v supply could supply that 5v to loads of devices, provided the total current consumed was less than the maximum current the source can supply.

Hook the servos to their own 5v supply (servo red wire), control the servos from whatever pins you choose (the yellow wire) via the servo library, hook the servo power suppply to the servo ground wire (black) and lastly join the Arduino ground to the servo supply ground

PS: Have a look at Duaneb's tutorial

hey thanks thats a great solution